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Plusnet plc is a British quad play internet service provider (ISP); providing broadband, landline, IPTV and Mobile services. The company was founded in 1997 in Sheffield, England, and became a public limited company (plc) in July 2004 when it was floated on the Alternative Investment Market. On 30 January 2007, Plusnet was acquired by BT Group, but it continues to operate as a separate business.


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Former Employee - 24/7 Network Operations Support Lead says

"-Poor recruitment planning for the ops and engineering department. - My team and I spent the first month being trained for work we where never hired and never did. -Some architects who are very behind the times, making decisions using dated and broken technology, which engineers then have to support. - It's only when you go behind their backs and quickly implement a big platform improvement that you can then actually expect platform stability. -SMT completely disconnected from engineering department. -Incredibly poor implementation of ITIL, resulting in days of waiting to get small changes made. This would result in incidents being classified as 'major incidents' in order to bypass the red tape of change controls. -Free food resulted in food poisoning more often than not. e.g boiled ham that is crunchy on the outside and squishy in the middle. -Free sandwiches the cafeteria made for the night shifts got taken by the people during the evening without fail for their snack on the way home. Complaints about this never received feedback. -Unsuitable environmental conditions at times resulting in 24/48 hour turn around to get the aircon temperature changed. Opening any window is not possible due to them all being screwed shut... It's as if they're scared that people might make a quick descent.. -KPIs are useless, as a company performance bel curve is hit every year, regardless! -Pressure to deliver a performance review to my staff due to the above KPI results already being decided and graded, before feedback had even been submitted. -No onsite parking for staff leaving at very unsociable hours, this results in walks though less than pleasant parts of Sheffield to get to your car. -Bonus withheld if you leave around the pay review period with there being a 2 month wait to get it after the actual review in April."

Security Engineer says

"- Pay is way below any sort of industry standard. There were people in the call-centre in an entry level job making more than me. - If you work overtime for an incident you will spend months chasing trying to get paid for it. - Even if you aren't on-call, you can and will get called out. I got called out repeatedly for issues when my role didn't involve on-call. - If your role involves travel, expect to be out of pocket while you go through the expenses process for several weeks. This happened to others too, with managers diving into peoples personal records to get their contact numbers - Technical staff were completely ignored on technical issues. If your technical assessment didn't match what management wanted it would be completely discarded and they would go in their own direction. - Technology and platforms are ancient and terrible. They were creaking under the load as the company has gained more customers with no plans to upgrade or replace in an effort to save money and keep the BT mothership happy. - A lot of technical roles were outsourced with no plan of how this would work. Java engineers were hired in India to develop PHP projects. - Zero training opportunities. The company wasn't willing to spend £20 to go to a conference. You are directed to ancient online training if you wanted to learn anything."

Former Employee - Systems Engineer says

"- Leadership is completely disconnected from Engineering & Operations, with a complete lack of clarity in terms of objectives. - Prehistoric architects are making technical decisions which will inevitably cause even more inefficiency within Engineering. - They hire experts in their field but completely ignore their advice, which is often overruled by the non-technical. - The technology stack and platforms are absolutely dire, unreliable and will inevitably fold under the pressure of many more customers due to the lack of even the most basic orchestration and automation tooling. - General office atmosphere is depressing. I didn't realise the extent of this until jumping ship. Nobody actually wants to be there, or truly enjoys their role. - Mass outsourcing of Engineering to India and other BT-managed development firms is occurring. I wouldn't expect the small family vibe to last much longer."

Former Employee - Network Engineer says

"I worked here for over two years. It was only when I handed my notice in that they suddenly decided that I was worth an additional £8k/y. It was not enough to stay. Bonus is paid annually in the June pay packet, and is for the financial year April-April. Despite the fact I left in June, I was told that I wouldn't receive my bonus. I offered to leave in July but was told this would not make a difference. Still arguing against this despite having left already, but they have just said that the reason I'm not entitled to a bonus is that I left in June. So go figure. Expenses here are completely backwards. If you need to go to London for work including a stop-over, this has to come out of your pocket and be expensed when you return. If you are doing a few trips per month then it easily climbs to the £1000s that you are owed by the company because they won't provide a company card to use. They have one, they just don't let lowly Engineers use it. Working out of hours is mandatory* in particular roles, but there is no additional compensation for this (* following changes to the change control process, a large majority of changes must be completed out of hours, so it's either don't work out of hours or don't do work) Training is non-existent. Vendor demonstrations happen, but these are often the cheap/free demo by a salesman rather than a technical overview and training programme. Personal development is alluded to, but staffing levels and job requirements mean there is no scope to acheive this. There is a serious skill/staff deficit with Operations. If this company spent half as much effort on staff retention as it does into squiriming out of bonus payments and other staff incentives, this could be avoided. Plus the company survey that goes round gets pretty much ignored by the higher-ups unless there is something they can address/deliver at zero cost."

Current Employee - Provisioning Agent says

"Complete lack of communication with staff. Non existent management - they are they but do absolutely nothing to assist their agents other than chastise them when they do not hit the constantly changing and unrealistic targets. In the department I worked in the hours were long, call queues consistently over 40 minutes, shifts changed and unless you checked the resourcing system you would never know as no one would let you know. Constant desk and team moves. Far to big a work load and pressure is put on members of staff. Staff that do little often get a way with it, especially if they are pals with management. Promote from within, sounds great, but you'll often end up with a manager who has no managerial experience, who knows nothing about the job and is given no support. Often overly enthusiastic to impress business managers resulting in their advisers receiving abuse and ever more unrealistic targets and threats if they aren't making their new manager look good. Often an us and them scenario with the Sheffield office. Sheffield get all the offline work such as web chat, all the preferential shifts (less weekends for example) and even a better bonus structure. I hear that it's dire in that office, but it is much much worse in Leeds who are treated as second best and given all the less desirable work."

Agent says

"Treated like crap. Targeted unreasonably. Get paid wrongly all the time. Change bonuses so you get less and less for more and more work. If you are 2 minutes late you have to work 15 minutes back. If your face doesn't fit you are out for no reason at all! I have warned you."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Not much chance for progression, insane sales conversion statistics which are sometimes unachievable, upper management and team leaders that do not know their product."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Managers. Bullies, arrogant, afraid of change."

Current Employee - Tech Support says

"The systems often fail meaning customers call up for things that they shouldn't have to. Its not made clear that wifi isn't guaranteed and 70% of your tech calls are basically saying you can't really do anything Very limited career progression"

Current Employee - Technical Support Analyst says

"Dealing with upset customers, very high call volumes, hard-to-hit targets due to bonuses, dictatorial management."

Provisioning Advisor (Current Employee) says

"I struggle to put into words how bad this company has become since being taken over. The systems used day to day are terrible, old and slow however management still expect unrealistic stats to be achieved. There will be a queue of at least 45 minutes, most days 1 hour, from lines opening to closing and every customer will want to tear you to pieces. For this role, the pay is nowhere near enough for what you have to achieve and deal with every day. It’s shocking how many people I know have been off with anxiety and depression just from working here. Don’t do it to yourself.NothingThe days off"

Provisioning advisor (Current Employee) says

"I struggle to put into words how bad this company has become since being taken over. The systems used day to day are terrible, old and slow however management still expect unrealistic stats to be achieved. There will be a queue of at least 45 minutes, most days 1 hour, from lines opening to closing and every customer will want to tear you to pieces. For this role, the pay is nowhere near enough for what you have to achieve and deal with every day. It’s shocking how many people I know have been off with anxiety and depression just from working here. Don’t do it to yourself.Getting to leave at the end of the dayLiterally everything"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Don't do it to yourself, no career prospects unless you want to be a manager. Call centre is full of suck ups with poor emotional intelligence and lacking basic social skills."

Customer Retentions and Sales (Former Employee) says

"Nothing ever seems to work and you're still expected to meet targets, track your own stats and do it with a smile on your face. The systems are shockingly old and it was supposed to improve the entire time I was there. I have friends there who say it is still the same."

Ex complaints, technical support and collections agent (Former Employee) says

"It is the worst company to work for No hygiene what's so offer High sickness turnover Clueless managers No strategy/plan No structure what's so everNon what's so everNo plan or strategy"

Customer Service and Technical Support Agent (Former Employee) says

"Poor and disorganised management. Management that were not doing their jobs properly. Very serious favouritism among management and staff. The staff turnover was insane. The job felt like you were just waiting to be fired over any excuse.nothingeverything"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"herd it was a decent place to work, however found out that if you work their through Capita and not direct then your life would be a misery and it was. Poor management, never help you to do better, company itself is literally like working for a third-party company as you have to blame BT openreach and BT wholesale for delayed appointments and engineer visits to customers. customers always complaining about their internet speeds and you have to still blame BT for the lack of speeds and keep apologising on BT's behalf. They ask you to do soo much work for 15k salary. However if you work direct and not through Capita then your salary is 17.5k which sounds a lot better. my work email wasn't working for over 3 weeks and nobody came to fix it for me, even when I asked several times to my manager. Asked for my payslip several times from my manager as I was not able to view it on my computer. Still no response. And then on top of that, Capita do not pay your wage if you do not provide evidence of you attending college/university and your certificates you've obtained from there. Also your 5 years work history and employers details. Everything was just a shambles.nothingeverything"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I cannot begin to describe how poor this company is. The management, work place environment and culture are vile Couldn't wait to get out. It makes me shudder to think of my time there I am now with a national retailer and the difference is chalk and cheese"

Tech (Current Employee) says

"Long hours, hit your stats, thats all they care about. 15 mins a week toilet allowance, do not go over 1 min late on your break, long hours, shifts change every week, cant have time off over xmas, they can make you work xmas day. Micro management, picking apart everything you do, very unhappy customers, no rest between calls, it’s relentless and it will suck the life out of you, 4 people of my tem of 12 have been off with depression."

Provident Agent (Current Employee) says

"What a joke of a company! Management don’t have a clue what they’re doing and think they’re 10 men/women! Constantly going on cig breaks, pinpointing little things you’re doing to hold you against. Any small thing u do they pick up on and threaten you and try to pull you in a room for it, while good things and improvements go totally unnoticed. This company lies to its customers, stressful job, will tell you it’s not stat based but that’s also another lie. They say it’s not stats, it’s “measures”. Business manager is the biggest snake who get his little managers to do dirty work. Will"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Customers kick off 99% of the time. PlusNet are always having network outages and lie about it to their Customers. Pay is alright, but not enough considering your dealing with idiots all the time. Work place is far from professional, an the bosses let underage kids go out drinking without saying anything about it, even when they are in the same place as them. Floors always had fleas an you were constantly being bitten. Overall disgusting."

Provisioning agent (Former Employee) says

"They employed anyone and everyone. So the job was made harder because staff that are bad at the job would mess the provisioning of order up so it would create more contact. No quality checks so all feedback had to be provided for by the agent that came across the issues. The wage is pathetic for the abuse you receive. There is no way to resolve any issues. You simply are telling angry customers that there is nothing you can do for them. No chance of advancement at all. Literally no progression what so ever!"

Entretien ménager (Former Employee) says

"Je ne conseil pas du tout pour l équipe de Chantal BlaieMalhonnêteterAucun"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"My encounter at Plusnet almost drained me. I was always been stereotyped, Brokedown in tears multiple times working for this company due to the kind of Managers I had, Always bullying and threatening people, more than five people left on my team in 3months. This is not an organisation I would recommend to anyone, Manager made you feel scared and threatened always,I feel no one ought to be treated like a second class citizen. You get threatened with getting P45 in your house every now and then. The managers on my team then need to be reviewed, Favouritism was the other of the day If you of the minority group don't bother looking for a job at Plusnet. Talking from experience."

Technical Support Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Cause me to have a major breakdown for over a year , as soon as I left I have not felt the same experience . The role is stressful . If you go over your break by a minute you best be able to tell them ."

Technical advisor (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. Starts off well but then you get trained to be a robot your not allowed to talk to a customer for more than 8 minutes or it will be a talking to about how to best help. All managers leaving so no managers on the floor will not train current staff so outsourcing the management. It's a joke the only good thing was it was a decent wage."

Sales and Retentions Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Day to day work was stressful due to lack of management and help needed, dreaded going to work most days. Lack of understanding towards people with mental health issues."

Complaints Handler (Former Employee) says

"My partner worked here since end of last year, after having a baby in November the one silver lining here of this job was they allowed him to change the days he worked to work around child care. My partner is sick most mornings due to anxiety and depression. After their parent recently being diagnosed with cancer and there health deteriorating. They have had to go on sick to try to come to terms with everything. Obviously as usual process you have to give in a sick note from the doctor to confirm this. They accepted the first sick note and was paid little over 200 for that month. When he tried to call and email in the next month he has had no response what so ever, he called, emailed did everything besides go into the office due to the state of anxiety he’s been suffering with. After calling in almost everyday to see if they got the email for his sick note and no response back what so ever. Today he has not been paid and still cannot contact the office again. Plusnet is by far the most unprofessional and unsupportive company I have ever known and least understanding towards mental illness. For someone in such a state of depression and having to deal with the anxiety every day that they may not get paid due to lack of response, if anything. This job only helped towards the deterioration of his health due to lack of professionalism and organisation After finally getting in touch today we have found out that they have dismissed him without making him aware at all whilst he is supposed to be on sick from work right now anyway Would not recommend this business to anyone that"

Provisioning Agent (Current Employee) says

"Where do I start! I started working for plusnet as a provisioning advisor and at first when I had my interview and started training I thought wowww this is a great place to work. They really do care about you, listen to you, look after you and it isn’t a moody place to be! I was so happy to have moved on from my last job which wasn’t the best and thought yessss I’ve finally got away from corrupt and overall bad management. Boyyyyy was I wrong! Lol. The first couple of months from starting training to going on grad bay and on to my team was the best time I had at plusnet. The training wasn’t the best but the people around me were great. Grad bay was amazing, they really look after you and ease you in to things and literally help you with anything. However, when you go on to your teams it is totally and I mean totally different. The managers slack extremely, they drive down your mental health (trust me I’ve never faced mental health problems until I started working here), watch every little move you do like you can be doing sooo many tickets and the moment you get up to stretch your legs and have a breather they be on to you. Don’t care about bonuses and will mess them up every other month. Pull you in for a meeting and give you threats for minor minor things. Favouritism is very big here and the business manager is one of a kind who is a stress head and quite frankly not fit for the job. Recently it has become a horrible place to work thanks to the managers there. BT have put too much pressure on and plusnet is going down down down boy. It will close soon because of what’s going"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Individuality is highlighted however agents are treated like robots expected to do the same thing a certain way. Performance is monitored in stupid ways and is constantly changing which is frustrating because we are left not knowing whats going on. Managers are every man for themselves, selfish and dont really care they will use and abuse you to save themselves. Would not recommend as they do not respect individuals who have medical conditions or learning difficulties, they are left to suffer and are not supported at all. You will have to ask them numerous times and still nothing. Disgusting behaviour towards agents. Constant sly behaviour from managers, say one thing and do another. Good luck, nothing but stress and frustrationAgents can work together wellDiscrimination against agents, not much variety in food, long hours, no room to progress"

H Webster says

"They offered a £70 ‘reward’ to sign up, said it would be in the post and then when I called them to ask where it was they said I had to claim it by email even though I never got an email asking that and now refuse to pay it as the time has elapsed."

customer says

"Would also give 0 stars if could,informed the company of a house move on the 18th of december with a date oh my broadband being switched on the 3rd January so of course that date came and surprise surprise so connection,phoned them up and they said oh it's now friday the 7th sorry we didnt inform u but no one Informed us anwyay the 7th comes and of course again no connection I call them and after 2HOURS!and being passed from person to person I was told there was an account issue and I had to set up a new account and wait another 12-14days to be connected so needless to say I have decided to go elsewhere as there service is absolutely shocking,do not go with this company!"

Lorna Gallagher says

"I moved house and informed plusnet 2 wks before I moved that I wished to take the broadband with me, I was told this would not be a problem and was given a date for it to go live, waited the whole day phoned and was told it wasn't their problem it was BT, I then spent a full 2hours on the phone to plusnet passed about to different people was told to take a screwdriver to the box and they would talk me thru fixing it, eventually they said o well you've broke your contract I would need to become a new customer, worse customer service I have ever received so I'm now left with no Internet after dealing with the worse company in the world, just don't go there buyer beware."

Nilima Banerji says

"Appalling customer service from rude and incompetent advisors. Plusnet contacted me to offer me a 12 month deal for line rental and fibre broadband - the price was good so I accepted. However I found that they charged me full price rather than the 12 month fixed price which had been agreed. I spent a huge amount of time on the phone trying to sort this out, being transferred from one advisor to the next, and having to explain the situation each time. Not one advisor apologised without being prompted - in fact they really didn't seem to care. Buyer beware - try a different provider because this one is crap and doesn't care about its customers. They were probably banking on the fact that I didn't check my bills, like a lot of busy people. I still don't know if the discounted price has been applied - been told by the advisor it has, but I was also told this in December. A good provider would have apologised and offered me a free month for the inconvenience, stress and time involved from me for sorting this out."

June Cool says

"I would also leave 0/5 stars if I could. Since they rely on BT openreach and don't manage their own agreement with BT openreach they get away with not providing a service as it's "out of their control". Ordinarily if a supplier does not fix a fault within a reasonable time you are entitled to a price reduction (Consumer Rights). So they say, it's out of our control its Openreach. They don't manage performance with openreach and you wait. After 30 days you can cancel without penalty because of the breach but no price reduction for services not received? I have not had a phone line for 2 months and intermittent internet for the same time despite the fact that my ability to work depends on it as a result of Covid. Go for Virgin as they have their own phone lines. Any internet provider who relies on BT open reach and who doesn't manage them...forget it... It took 2 months for BT to come and look at the fault and the first time they came they just looked around in my garden and then lied and said I would not allow access. What a kerfuffel. Never again"

Danielle Wilson says

"If I could leave 0 stars I would. We closed are account down in Sep/October and were told we had nothing left to pay as we were out of contract. Then 30 days later we received an email to say we had to pay for our broadband to be stopped for usage until 20th Nov or they would send a debt collector out. (we moved out on 1st Nov so had not used internet) we rung about this and they said they had resolved it and apologised. Then a short time later we got another email to say we owed money. Which we were told it was resolved this happened a further 3 times with different customer advisors. The next thing I know debt collectors started emailing me. I rung up plus net again and a man apologised and said he would personally take over this case and call me back Friday 3pm. It had got to Friday 3pm no call. We rang back and they tried to put us through for 30 mins and then gave us a dead line. I have never been so annoyed at customer service in my life. Not only was the internet poor when we were with them. The overall service has been shocking. DO NOT USE!"

David Beattie says

"The broadband service has been terrible throughout my 18 month contract. The router is of a very old generation and this makes the service even worse. Complaining is difficult, and now improvement ever achieved. Insult to injury, I have ended my contract at 18 months and they are trying to charge me extra for the last few days between suppliers. £27.99 agreed, but they are "removing discount" and trying to charge £41.59!!"

john says

"I was impressed that my new Plusnet router arrived a few days before my Plusnet broadband was due to begin and that the neat package was designed to fit through a letterbox. In that package is a booklet called 'Welcome to Plusnet'. The top of page 3, 'Before You Begin', asks me not to use the router until I have a text message or email telling me that the broadband has been activated. I had a text message on 13/1/21 about my home phone being active but there has been no text about the broadband. I waited until 5pm on 14/1/21 and could wait no longer - I'm using Plusnet broadband now. I've found an email dated 13/1/21 saying that broadband was active on that day but I had no broadband access to read the message - I was waiting for a text! That's a confusing start: I hope it gets better!"

John Roberts says

"Switched from Plusnet to Sky Broadband using a comparison website. Plusnet continued to charge my direct debit. I did not notice this until 4 months later when reviewing my bank account. When I finally managed to contact them after being on hold for 18 mins, the over-familiar call centre operative bounced me to the Account Closures Department. After waiting another 43 mins, I was told that they would close the account immediately, but would not refund the 4 months of payment they had taken because their system was showing the transfer as 'pending' even though I had been using the new supplier for 4 months - they couldn't see any activity on my account. Sky tell me they sent all the required info to Plusnet but Plusnet failed to act on it. Is this a deliberate ploy by Plusnet to take money off customers knowing that most people haven't got the time or inclination to fight for it? This experience reflects the current state of telecoms providers in the UK against the backdrop of lame duck regulation. All of the telecoms companies are as bad as each other. There's a complete disconnect between the false promises pedalled by the TV adverts and customers reality. Let's face it, the focus at these outfits is purely on profit maximisation and satiating the desires of City Institutional Investors, which facilitates large director salaries and bonuses - bear in mind that many Remuneration Committees are staffed by 'specially selected' chums. These big pay packets in turn fund lavish lifestyles - large primary homes with tennis courts and swimming pools, second homes abroad, private school fees and exotic holidays, while those at the sharp-end languish away on a minimum wage."

Mary Corbett says

"ABSOLUTELY APPALLING - DO NOT USE i was tempted by good offer and signed up and paid £84:98 to be connected. When the engineer came to connect there was not enough free space with BT OPEN REACH and therefore my Plus net was cancelled. I am still awaiting a refund. I have also been pursued by a debt collecting firm for non payment when I have never been connected. I have just had a very stressful time and had to make my 4th phone call to Plus Net. I have still not received back my £84: 98. They say that I should receive a cheque in 10 days and that I should no longer be pursued by the debt collecting firm. I have been assured before that all was sorted out but we are now 3 months on and it has not been sorted out so I HAVE NO FAITH IN THIS COMPANY - it has been a very stressful and time consuming experience - I should have looked at other trust pilot reviews before using them"

Nigel boulton says

"Beware British consumers don’t be fouled by cheap packages we had issues with our broadband speeds for over 7weeks through November December when you do most streams (no help from plus net to resolve the situation) so we decided to cancel the contract and they charged us to leave a poor service."

JC Linton says

"Don't believe the homespun ads. This big company is all about money and NOT about the customer. I have been a customer for nearly a decade but recently sold my house and moved up the road about 80 miles (ironically on the doorstep of Yorkshire now). When I checked online it appeared that Plusnet do not provide service at my new location but oddly their parent company, BT, does. So I went with BT. Then got a bill from Plusnet for £64.52 for Early Termination Charge. I was willing to stay with Plusnet - BUT it was them that abandoned me as a customer and could no longer provide service. I went to their ironically named Customer Care team and spoke with Matty. I explained I was a long-standing customer and this was out of my control. He said he would escalate my complaint and I would hear back in 3-5 working days. Perhaps he meant 35 working days?! At any rate, nothing heard and the charges came out of my account. Do not believe their ads! They are not a homespun Yorkshire business - they are as cynical and money-grubbing as any major corporation. I will NEVER go with Plusnet again! Terrible, unresponsive service and wicked hidden charges. Shameful! UPDATE: I spoke with customer service rep Mark Hopewell after raising the issue AGAIN which was never addressed by Matty. He contacted me and sent me a notice saying upon investigation I would be refunded the amount I was charged for cancellation. HOWEVER this morning after even further investigation there was not enough proof that I as the customer had done everything within my power to remain with Plusnet. The responsibility is entirely on me to do everything and Plusnet doesn't even have to answer the phone or reply to my queries! This is not a company which values the customer at all. When I pointed out to Hopewell that I had been with Plusnet for nearly ten years, he said that really has no bearing on anything. That sums up how Plusnet regards its customers. World-beating BAD customer service."

Lars says

"Why is there always issues where staff don't want to match a better deal from another company. Called to renew and was told £29.99 for Anytime calls and basic internet at the speed of 10mbps I said no not interested in that expensive offer and decided to ask for a price match as SKY is offering £25 per month anytime calls and broadband at a speed of up to 70mbps Once that was explained the usual nonsense of "oh we do match some providers and sky is one of them." Well I would love to know how this inept company does not match major broadband competitors? If PlusNet wants to retain customers it would be useful to be competitive with your pricing. Fast broadband and anytime landline calls for £25 SHAME ON YOU PLUSNET MY BUSINESS WILL BE TAKEN TO SKY. Mr Lars445"

Jeremy says

"I'm very angry with Plunset for badly handling my broadband switch. Firstly, a fortnight before the switching, they sent me a bill asking for a monthly payment of £26, which I had already paid in advance. Then, when I raised a ticket with their customer support, they abruptly closed my account. A week later, they emailed me asking for the payment again. When I tried to explain to them the situation with a reply, the email was rejected automatically. Yesterday, they again asked me to pay the remaining £2.14 balance, which I intend to pay. But again I was told to call them to make the payment. They themselves made the errors but caused me so much trouble (no email, no live chat, very long phone call queue all the time) to clean up their own mess. Plusnet is an utter disgrace and I will never sign up with them again."

Peter Mitchell says

"Customer services were mainly excellent with a just a few exceptions. On one occasion the call handler hung up on me, very frustrating having taken a long time on hold to get through. My one star review is solely based on the fact that Plusnet sent debt collectors after me for less than £40. Which is absolutely disgusting & contrary to the values they claim to be part of their business. My issues arose due to a serious health crisis & being made homeless in the middle of the covid pandemic, making it impossible for me to contact them to sort out the less than 40 pound Ballance. Whilst it may be common practice for business's to use debt collectors, Plusnet place themselves in the market as a wholesome, kindly brand. Sending debt collectors after a vulnerable customer for less than forty pound in the middle of a global pandemic is disgusting. My penultimate customer services experience was also horrible, the call handler, nasty & totally lacking empathy. I will say however, when I called again to confirm my fate the call handler was kind & humane. God bless him. Doesn't change the fact I now have debt collectors after me for less than forty pound having paid considerably more out to Plusnet over the years. Life is hard enough without these extra troubles. Shameful. If Plusnet care about their image they need to change their approach in these unprecedented times, ie. Act humanely in the middle of a global pandemic, not like vengeful robots. Plusnet have earned this one star review, they do have some lovely call centre staff, a credit to the brand. However, sticking the boot into folk for such a tiny amount in the middle of a global pandemic where folk are all over the place is unforgivable & disgraceful."

Stephanie Voss says

"One star is even too generous. This broadband provider is by far the worst I have ever had the misfortune to use. The appalling customer service started from day one - weeks past connection date to get connected, fobbed off with excuses, no landlines or Internet connection. So bad I wrote directly to directors even then it got passed down to the minions. No access to online account for months. End of contract term arrived at end of October - no notification received from Plusnet with regards to end of contract period, new deals etc which, Plusnet, take note you have been legally obliged to do since February 2020! Notified them by email that I would not be renewing at end of term as I was moving house and why had they applied the increase which was not due till November to my last bill at beginning of October. In a nutshell, sorry refund on the way, then no refund, then I am on a rolling broadband contract because 'some people choose that' (not me I've moved house), to my not saying the word CANCEL but I'm not cancelling because the 12 month term ended and I'm not renewing, to my saying CANCEL, to my being charged £75 for the privilege of saying CANCEL to something that I did not agree to, to blocking access to my account, to taking payment from my bank account of £33 on Dec 12th (confirmation text message and email received). Asked for Deadlock letter in December, Plusnet claiming they sent it in November ( not sure how that happened but hey they are a law unto themselves). Have spent a total of 22 hours on the phone trying to get through but they don't seem to want to chat! So looks like another letter to the directors and start the process with the Ombudsman. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THIS COMPANY they are crap (it won't let me use a swear word!)"

Ann Lowes says

"Bullies l rang to cancel because of plusnet lies a manager came to the phone and said why did l want to leave l said I'm going back to my sons company they charged me the same price for years he demanded the name of the company l said I'm not obliged to say he said he wanted to sort it out l said lm leaving that's it they still sent a message thank you for returning to plusnet l rang to complain l don't want to rejoin plusnet they said lf l leave they will charge me £143 l am refusing to pay a leaving charge l have been with them a few weeks lm a pensioner on disability benefits it is for all the help l need not to give to greedy companies l wouldn't recommend plusnet it's a terrible company"

Jamie Nicol says

"I signed up for BT Sport and when cheap period run out I wanted to cancel it. You can't do this via the website, you cant even raise a ticket. There was no online chat service available. The hep page gives a link to their entertainment page which tells you all about signing up but not cancelling. Had eventually to call customer service and wait 20 minutes. To be fair once connected it took about 30 seconds."

A Customer says

"OK, because I am fair I have revised this from 1 to 3 because my wife called customer services, got someone on the 2nd ring and they eventually gave her the broadband login to use with the old router and got us going. My complaint about the timing of the router still stands - very very poor and we and your staff should not have to waste time on calls to get around this. ------------ Whose braindead idea is it to send out the router on the SAME DAY the changeover occurs? So we awaken this morning, all 4 of us working from home or home schooling because, well, something might be happening that you should take account of. We now have no broadband until the router turns up, and that is debatable given current courier volumes. Why on earth couldn't you have sent it a couple of days ago? Then we'd have got up, set up and no bad reviews. What difference does it make to you, who have to send the router NO MATTER WHAT, if it ships so that it is convenient for THE CUSTOMER. Not you. The customer. From the number of rotten reviews I can see that you do not learn from reviews. My wife organised this and I wish she'd checked here first. So thanks very much for the brilliant start to our relationship. I can assure you now that it won't last beyond the contract end. Absolutely useless." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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